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AKSACLI GROUP provides excellent management of customer satisfaction and complaints, continuous improvement of service quality, effective and efficient management of processes in line with national standards, laws and regulations.



The services we provide are legislation practices, customs clearance consultancy and training/guidance.


We offer the most economical and fast methods for the foreign trade consultancy companies to sell their products in foreign markets..


To provide quality service, to implement unconditional customer happiness, to compete, to be flexible, to be honest ...

we offer quality
service for your business strategy

Aksaclı Group has been founded on knowledge and experience which is gained by valuable thematic projects that had been realized in different levels of a variety of different sectors located in Istanbul. To help for increasing export revenue of our country and consultancy service about foreign trade in multiple themes are the basic goals in foundation.

Nowadays, increase in economic integration and easy access to information have caused a higher importance on deregulation both in goods and services trade.

we offer quality
service for your business strategy

High dynamics and differentiation in foreign trade have been giving birth to particular foreign trade needs of each company that exports and/or imports within their own areas. And also, to follow and adapt to daily foreign trade requirements according to continuously changing conditions of competition, provides a positive difference in services.

Consultancy and support through all paths and levels of foreign trade process is one of our stable principles. Our basic approach is to suggest consciousness in foreign trade during our consultancy service.

services / what we do

Consultancy Service For Export

We do give service to our customers who are looking for; exporting, increasing their export figure, to get a share from alternative markets beyond their own one, increasing their competitive capacity, decreasing sales costs, to take advantage of export subsidies, encouragements and export refunds according to their particular corporate needs. The service is given both periodic and continuous. Morover, local and remote services are optional.

Government Promotion & Assistance

Recently, variety of new government promotions & assistances and efficiency of existing ones, that are for the companies and trade associations; which want to grow by increasing investment and work load via exportation; have been increased in the country. So, we also provide professional consultancy about assistance opportunities given by small and medium industry development organizations' and especially by Ministry of Economics, to inform companies about legislations and to fulfil their lack of information.

Consultancy Service For Import

We provide rational alternatives and solution proposals, that are special to your company, after analyzing logistics, clearance, methods of international payment and delivery. By doing so, we do minimise your import costs within the frame of legislations and regulations. Clearance is being in the first place, we provide risk assessment and legality audit services during all levels of processes, as well.

WORKFLOW / methods and processes

With the Assurance of Aksacli Group

Feasibility Studies

Determination of Technical, Production, Quality and Surveillance Certificates of the documents to be requested related to the commodity in the country where export will be made.

With the Assurance of Aksacli Group

Management and Audit

Examining the work flow processes and identifying the risks on the basis of the company, identifying the processes with high risk ratio and the support and recommendation of the improvement.

With the Assurance of Aksacli Group

Result Oriented Progression

Our consultancy services are focused on providing a high level of contribution to the management structure and personnel of our valued customers with our systematic and disciplined working principle.

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